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Water Purifier for Survival - Straw with Filter

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Water filter straw - Clean water everywhere, anytime

Adventurers, campers and survival experts, listen up! Forget heavy water bottles and complicated purification systems. With this water filter straw, you have a complete water purification system in your pocket! Imagine being able to drink directly from a stream, lake or even in an emergency out of a puddle without worry. With our smart filter straw, it's a reality!

Three steps to clean water

  1. Suction nozzle with dust cover: Keeps dirt out and your nozzle clean.
  2. Advanced filter core: Removes bacteria and impurities quickly and effectively.
  3. Flexible water intake: Connect to bottles or bags for convenient drinking.

It doesn't get any easier!

Forget complicated instructions. Insert water filter straw into water, suck, and voilà! Pure water directly in the mouth.


  • By the creek: Replenish your energy in the middle of the hike without carrying extra weight.
  • In emergencies: Your lifeline to clean water when disaster strikes.

Compact and sleek

Light as a feather and perfect to have in your backpack, pocket or around your neck. It's like having a small water treatment plant in miniature!

Technical details

  • Materials: Durable ABS plastic and advanced filter materials
  • Color: Sea-inspired blue
  • Size: Compact enough to fit in your pocket

Why take a chance?

With SDS Water filter straw, you are always just a straw away from clean, safe water. So the next time adventure calls, answer with this water filter straw in hand. Because in the wilderness, clean water is not a luxury - it's a necessity!