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Solar fountain

  • Delivery time 5-15 business days

🌞 Solar energy: Environmentally friendly and convenient

Imagine a sunny day in the garden, where the sun's rays not only illuminate your conservatory but also power your new solar fountain. No cord, no power, just pure solar energy! With a state-of-the-art 1.4W solar panel, this fountain captures the sun's energy and transforms it into a sparkling flow of water.

🌊 A Spectacle of Water Jets

How about having your own water show? With six different nozzles, you can switch between different effects and create water jets up to 60 cm high! It is perfect for creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere in your pond or bird bath. Each exchange will be like a new show in your garden!

🔇 Silent Magic

No one wants an annoying buzzing sound in their peaceful garden. That's why you'll love this fountain's silent pump with built-in water filter. It's like music to the ears – or rather, a lovely silence mixed with the sound of rippling water. This solar fountain is not only a beautiful addition to your garden, it is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution to create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.


 Silent pump with built-in water filter

 The fountain's rays are up to 60cm high

 6 different nozzles with different effect


  • Max power solar panel: 1,4W
  • Max water flow:180L/hr
  • Diameter: 16 cm
  • Max height of water steels:60 cm

Package Contains 

  • 1 x Solar fountain
  • 6 x Nozzles with different dispersion effect
  • 1 x User Manual