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Compass for Orienteering and Outdoor Life

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Find the adventure with our versatile orienteering compass!

Are you ready to explore nature's wildest corners? Our waterproof orienteering compass is your perfect companion on all your adventures! It is so small that it fits easily in your pocket or around your neck. Perfect for those who love to pack light but smart, whether you're an experienced hiker or a curious scout.

Versatile assistant in all weather 

Our compass is like a swiss army knife for navigation - it fixes everything! Whether you're hiking in the mountains, paddling along the coast or exploring new trails in the forest, you'll have a reliable guide by your side. It withstands tough conditions and works just as well in pouring rain as in scorching sun.

Precision with scales and tilt function

With our compass you will become a master at finding the right way! It has multiple scales and a nifty tilt function that helps you determine your position as precisely as a GPS – but without batteries.

Magnification function for map reading 

Tired of squinting at blurry maps? Our compass has a built-in zoom function that turns you into a super map reader! You will be able to see the smallest trail and elevation curve, even as darkness falls.

Why you need this compass:

  1. Reliable and always ready!
  2. Perfect for everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned adventurer.
  3. Tough as a mountain goat - can handle everything from rain showers to climbing trips.
  4. Become a master of finding your way - never get lost in the woods again!
  5. Light as a feather but really robust – the perfect balance.

Take the step into the unknown with our fantastic compass as a guide. The adventure begins here and now – let the compass show the way!