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Camping Pots & Frying Pan Set (4-5 Pers)

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🏕️ Simplicity and Style in the Wilderness 

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to combine adventure with good food? Then the Camping Pans & Frying Pan Set is your new best friend! Perfect for 4-5 people, this set is perfect for any camping enthusiast with entourage. Forget the days of struggling with clumsy and heavy kitchen utensils. With a total weight of only 1.58 kg, this set is designed to lasteasy to carry without compromising functionality. 

🍲 From Dawn to Dusk - Cooking Made Easy 

This set containsall you need to prepare a versatile meal in the open air. With a frying pan (200x55mm), a large pot (195x130mm), a medium pot (173x95mm), and a small pot (148x87mm), you can easily cook everything from a juicy steak to a nourishing soup. And the best part? The pans are non-stick! So you can say goodbye to stuck-on food and difficult dishes. Also included are 2 plates, 1 soup bowl and 5 bowls, so the whole group can enjoy the meal together. 

♻️ Sustainability Meets Design 

It is not only functional, but also beautiful! With an elegant design and durable materials, this set is more than just kitchen utensils. Whether you're camping in the woods, hiking in the mountains, or just enjoying a picnic in the park, this set will elevate your cooking experience and make every meal a memorable moment. 


  • Size of frying pan: 200x55 mm 
  • Size chart:195x130mm + 173x95mm + 148x87mm 
  • Size plates: 2 pieces 172mm  
  • Size soup bowl: 181x43mm 
  • Size bowl: s5 pieces, 112x41mm 
  • Total weight: 1.58Kg 

The package contains  

  • 1 x Frying pan  
  • 3 x Pans in different sizes 
  • 2 x Plates 
  • 1 x Mushroom bowl 
  • 1 x Foldable knife
  • 5 x Bowls 
  • 1 x Wooden spoon