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Bike Pump Small

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🪶 A Featherlight Savior in Need 

Have you ever been out cycling and suddenly come across a puncture? Frustrating, isn't it? But don't worry, here comes Cykelpump Liten to the rescue! With a weight of just120 gram is this little pump a real powerhouse in mini format. It's so light you'll hardly notice you're carrying it, but when you need it, it's ready to show what it's for. Imagine a pump that is as easy to carry as your mobile phone! 

🤝 Technical and Design in Harmony 

This elegant pump is made of high-quality, full aluminum alloy, which not only gives it a robust feel, but also a striking appearance. The anodized surface gives the pump a sophisticated touch and protects against corrosion. Designed with CNC machining and a hidden,extendable hose, Cykelpump Liten is a very functional device. No one wants a clunky pump that damages the tire valve right? With Cykelpumps Litens hidden hose, your tires and valves are in safe hands. Bicycle pump Small also comes with onesmart fastener attached to the bicycle frame. 

💥 Power and Efficiency in Mini Format 

Small but powerful – that's the motto here. This pump can handle pressures up to120 psi (about 8 bar), which is impressive for its size. This means you can quickly and easily pump up everything from racing bikes to mountain bikes. It doesn't matter what type of valve you have, Cykelpump Liten handles both with flying colors.

🚴‍♀️ Why Choose a Small Bike Pump? 

  • Lightweight and portable: Forget heavy, unwieldy pumps. This pump is so light and flexible that you can take it anywhere. 

  • High-quality material: Made of aluminum alloy for durability and elegance. 

  • Universal use: Fits both French (Presta) and American valves (Schräder)

  • Gentle on your tires: The hidden tube protects the tires from damage. 

  • Powerful pumping: Up to 120 psi, perfect for all types of bikes. 


  • Size: 22*10.5*2.2cm 
  • Weight: 120 g 
  • Valve nozzles: Fits Dutch valve and American valve 
  • Materials: Full aluminum alloy with anodized finish 
  • Pump hose: CNC machined concealed retractable hose 
  • Pump pressure: Pumps up to 120psi (8bar) 

The package contains  

  • 1 x Bicycle pump 
  • 1 x Bracket for mounting on a bicycle frame 
  • 1 x Retractable hose 
  • 1 x Nozzle for dutch valve 
  • 1 x Nozzle for French valve