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2 pcs. Ultralight Emergency Blankets in Heat Insulating & Waterproof Material

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🌡️ Stay Warm and Safe - Whatever the Weather!

Are you an adventure seeker or just want to be ready for any outdoor scenario imaginable? Then these ultralight emergency blankets are a must in your backpack! Whether you're planning a hike in the mountains or a drive in the wilderness, these blankets are designed to protect you from the cold and keep you safe.

🛡️ Save Yourself and Stand Out!

Do you not only want to feel safe, but also to be seen? Our emergency blankets have a strong reflection that makes you easier to spot. Perfect for the hiker who likes to stand out, or at worst, to be quickly spotted by the emergency services.

🎒 Convenience Meets Functionality

You might be thinking, "Are these blankets practical to bring?" The answer is a resounding yes! Lightweight and compact, they hardly take up any space but can make a huge difference when the temperature drops. And you, they are actually not just for extreme situations but can easily be taken out for regular camping.

Product details

  • Contents: 2 ultralight emergency blankets
  • Size: Each blanket measures 130 x 210 cm - big enough to keep you fully covered.
  • Colour: Silver – not only beautiful, but also functional to reflect heat.